Thanks from Videopath

Dear Videopath users,

We have some sad news: After 5+ amazing years, we have had to make the difficult decision to shut down Videopath. While we have had some amazing loyal customers over the years, we simply were never able to turn this business into a truly sustainable one. Recently we had some of our premium customers cancel their plans, and this has made the running of the business no longer feasible.

That said, it has been a fantastic journey over the years in learning more about the videospace and how different groups were using the medium to better communicate and share information with their audiences.

We will keep the service running until the end of this month (April 2019). We recommend that you replace the Videopath videos with the standard youtube or other videos in this time. On May 1st, these players will go offline. The Videopath builder will also be shut down at this time.

Thank you again for using Videopath and for coming on this awesome journey with us!

Kind regards,

Anna & Dave