Engage and convert
your viewers with interactive video.

This is how it works:



Timed markers appear along the timeline, highlighting additional relevant content


Markers along the side act as a menu for the content to come


Display website, media, comments & call to action within the video player


Background video pauses when you open overlays so you never miss a thing

Key Videopath benefits

Videopath - Interactive Video

Higher Engagement:
10x the clicks of traditional digital video formats.

Videopath - Interactive Video

Higher Conversion:
3x the lead-to-sales conversion vs. YouTube annotations.

Videopath - Interactive Video

brand your player by adding colors, fonts and your company’s logo

Videopath - Interactive Video

View anywhere:
fully compatible player works on all browsers and all devices

What our customers are saying

Videopath’s customizable, interactive player offers a great solution to the conundrum of conversion through online video; how to leverage the engagement of video to the best effect and generate measurable, actionable results regardless of the device in use.

Edward Wood, Babbel

Videopath offers the possibility to easily publish interactive, personalised, content-centric videos. By bringing the web into video, Videopath opens up some interesting new conversion opportunities.

David Brunnschweiler, SwissCom

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