Interactive Videos that Engage

Key Videopath benefits

Videopath - Interactive Video

Boost your video
Viewers are 10-times more likely to click on additional content

Videopath - Interactive Video

Add Context
Share sources and relevant content with your audience


Better Timing
Deliver content when it matters most to your audience

Videopath - Interactive Video

View Anywhere
Fully compatible player works on all browsers and devices

Add Context

Timed markers appear along the timeline, highlighting additional relevant content.

Easy Access

Markers along the side act as a menu for the content to come.

Add Content

Display website, media, comments & call to action within the video player.


Background video pauses when you open overlays so you never miss a thing.

Indelible Moments

Use Videopath to expand your story to a global audience and invite engagement.

Cast to Millions

We are Equipped to support Multiple HD Live Streams along with Full-Service Soundstage and Remote Collaboration.

Extraordinary Performances

Bring your Narrative to life in unbelievable fashion using our robust tools and years of production experience.

Engage your Audience

We integrate new technologies to support incredible ideas that allows your audience to participate.

Listen and Learn

As images, video, livestreams, podcasts, webinars and articles all become source materials for interaction and engagement over time.

Participant Viewers

Story Contribution, Knowledge Transfer, Research and Insights from a vast & diverse audience allow stories to find new paths.

Tell No Lies

Develop self-governing media agents that cultivate who, what, and how your stories are shared.

New Story Paradigm

Through collaboration and engagement with contributors and reputable trusted sources stories evolve.

Media Forensics

Aggragate Insights and Discover new Story threads to inform your campaigns.

Build Digital Societies

Ideas grow through communication, but how do you build social networks into digital societies?

Informed Decisions

The stories you tell can fertilize your marketing strategy when you use videopath as a media anchor.

New Voices

Broaden and Expand your audience my allowing them stewardship in building your identity.

Pathogenic Discourse

Videopathogen’s are dynamically produced through the enlistment of social networks and its reputable sources.

Project Collaboration

Teams can expand and contract while authoring new narrative stories and sharing with evolving audiences.

Reactive Responses

Video becomes a dynamic teaching and learning tool through the building of ideas along story paths.

Create Video Guides

Students Collaborate with Teachers to develop insights and transfer knowledge.

Interactive Video

90% of Teaching involves Video. Use Videopath to create projects for your students.