3 Tips to Boost your Sales with Video

Video is a great tool for selling, especially as attention spans get shorter.

I look for video every time I visit a website – I can’t be bothered to search through a website. Videos make it easy for marketers to communicate and potential customers to get the key info.

The best videos motivate viewers and move them down the marketing funnel.

Source: Iteratemarketing.com
Source: Iteratemarketing.com

Here are our top three tips for boosting sales with video:

1. Get to the point quickly

Once a viewer clicks play, you only have about 8 seconds to convince them to stay. (Yes, our attention spans are now officially lower than goldfish)

Get to the “wow” of your product quickly. “Start with Why” makes a lot of sense, but a “wow” claim grabs their attention and gets them to hear you out.

Source: inspectorralf.com
Source: inspectorralf.com

2. Ask for action

In video, as in life, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Coax people into the funnel by asking them to “Subscribe for more great content” or “Browse our collection”.  You can achieve that by adding call-to-actions to your video.

3. Ask early, ask often

Completion rates for video are much lower than you think.

If you only have a single call to action (CTA) at the very end, most of your viewers won’t stick around to see it! So ask for the signup or sale right after you’ve communicated the key message.

If your viewer doesn’t bite, you can always ask again at the end of the video or have a different CTA later – “Like us on Facebook for updates!”. The key is, mobilize your viewer to engage by adding several, well-placed types of CTAs.

4. BONUS Put your marketing funnel in your video with Videopath

Regular video is one big leaky funnel. When viewers stop watching, do they find the sign up button, or watch cute puppy videos? (Cute puppies usually win)

With Videopath, you can put your shop/signup form/checkout/facebook/twitter directly inside your video. They can sign up, THEN watch cute puppy videos!