5 Ways Video Can Improve Your Bottomline

These days it’s hard to find any stats about video marketing that doesn’t rave about its potential. Everybody’s knows that they need to have a video on their website. The problem is that it’s not always obvious where videos can fit in your overall plan. Here are five ways you can incorporate videos into your communication pipeline.

1. Explainer Video

An explainer video distills potentially complex products and services into a short, digestible and entertaining video. This is quickly becoming a must-have for all kinds of innovative products — and for a good reason. You’ve worked so hard on perfecting your product pitch, it’d be a shame to let it fall flat on a boring textual delivery. Rather than reading, viewers are much more likely to watch a video when one is available. And when they do watch, they have much better focus and patience for your delivery.

2. Product Demo Video

Once you’ve sold them on the idea, you still need to show them the goods. Whatever you’re offering, it’s often hard to convince someone to commit if they don’t have a good understanding about what they’re getting. But it’s time and energy consuming, for both you and your client, to tryout the product directly. A product demo video is the closest thing you can have to a hands-on trial, only much easier and faster.

3. Guide and Support Videos

The relationship with your customer doesn’t end when you close the deal. You will inevitably have to provide support later on. Whether it’s an onboarding guide, a feature tutorial or a troubleshooting walkthrough, support videos are like dedicated support specialists holding your clients hand through complex processes. Beyond tutorials, you can also deliver other support messages, like reports of known bugs, introduction of patches or updates, via video giving them a more personal touch.

4. Direct Communication Videos

Newsletters and blogs are great ways to engage with your customers, but a video post can do so much more. Like newsletters, you can inform and entertain in equal parts. But unlike newsletters, you can bring your message to life with your voice, enthusiasm and personality. Nobody gets excited about getting mails from a mail bot, but videos still have the potential to wow.

5. Social and Viral Videos

Before you roll your eyes, let’s consider the video clips you’ve watched lately: how many of them came to you from social media sharing? Social sharing is the primary means consumers discover new contents today, and viral videos still have the best potential to raising your brand awareness well beyond what could be reached otherwise. But since nobody has discovered the secret sauce to virality, the trick is simply to dare to experiment.

How has your experience been with using videos? Do you have other ways of using videos to improve your communication, support or marketing? Share your thoughts and ideas with us!