Videopath’s Picks: ELEKS Google Glass Experiment

Every year, the Videopath crew is looking forward to the annual Webby Awards with the excitement that could only be compared to cinephiles waiting for the Oscar’s or science junkies waiting for the Nobel Prize ceremony. With the winners of the 19th Webby Awards announced this month, we are looking back to a 2014 nominee.

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On the Verge of Art and Technology – Interactive Music Projects

Do you remember the times when you couldn’t wait for your favorite music video to be played on MTV? Those days are long gone, as digital consumption has completely taken over the music market.

As part of the digital revolution, many musicians have attempted to incorporate technology into their art. 2015 marks the year of interactive music projects and we have a selection of great examples to prove this.

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Video is on the rise – It’s time to join in!

Online video is the future of content marketing. Do you want to know why?

Video gives you the extra creativity and interactivity you need to get your message through the most successful way. You have the benefit of pictures and animation, which means that you can transmit a universal message in a consistent way. Unlike text or audio, video paints a clear picture, making it easier for content marketers to form people’s opinions and leave a lasting impression.

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