Don’t Rush Your Call to Action

You’ve made a stellar video: it’s fun, entertaining, and informative. Most importantly, you’re racking up the hits and likes, people are sharing it on social media, and maybe it’s even gotten some buzz on one of the internet’s more renowned media sites. But that’s only the start. It’s most likely the case that your video is a means to an end.


People have sat back and passively watched, now you want to unleash the famous Call To Action, or CTA.

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Videopath’s Picks: Honda’s Interactive Two-Way Street


Every agency on Madison Avenue is defined by the moment they got their car.

So says Mad Men’s Don Draper, asserting the automobile industry’s crucial role in being miles ahead when it comes to advertising innovation. First, print ads showcased the sleek design of cars. Then, television showed off their speed and performance.

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How Framing and Body Language Speaks to Your Viewer

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“The medium is the message” – a guy who did a cameo in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall

“It is not what you say that matters but the manner in which you say it” – a guy’s whose parents ran out of first name ideas

“You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?” – come on, you should know this one

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Don’t Hypnotize Your Viewers, Captivate Them

Today is the big day: you’re shooting your first brand video. Soon, you’ll be converting your fans into potential clients through clicks, likes and shares thanks to your cinematic genius. You’ve got a stellar script, an awesome crew, and your mother is even handling the craft services.

But what are you going to wear?

Did you know video and sound recording comes with its own wardrobe dos and don’ts? We’re not just talking about committing fashion faux-pas which can figuratively assault our sensibilities. There are strong video fashion No-No’s that can literally turn your production into an assault on the senses.

Here’s just a few tips help you plan your wardrobe to keep your video production looking sharp:

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The Five Second Rule

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You can skip this ad in 5… 4… 3…

YouTube pre-roll ads: what we all love to hate. Pretty much every one tries to skip them as soon as possible, so why haven’t they gone the way of the door to door salesmen? Clearly, companies still see the value of this 5 seconds exposure. But to make it really count, great ads go a step beyond the 5 seconds. Done right, you can capture attention, inform your viewer, and get them to engage with your company. And you can do this in ways that take advantage of the Five Second Rule, not despite it.

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Product Reviews with a Human Face

Ever been curious to see how your product, service, or brand is faring out there compared to other companies? So you check out the user reviews on some consumer sites, and a suspicion creeps in: people looking for honest first-person testimonials are possibly being fed “bogus, fraudulent written reviews.” Sadly, it’s a known practice these days for some companies to pay professional writers to flood sites like Amazon, Apple Store and Google Play with stellar write-ups.

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