On the Verge of Art and Technology – Interactive Music Projects

Do you remember the times when you couldn’t wait for your favorite music video to be played on MTV? Those days are long gone, as digital consumption has completely taken over the music market.

As part of the digital revolution, many musicians have attempted to incorporate technology into their art. 2015 marks the year of interactive music projects and we have a selection of great examples to prove this.

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Video is on the rise – It’s time to join in!

Online video is the future of content marketing. Do you want to know why?

Video gives you the extra creativity and interactivity you need to get your message through the most successful way. You have the benefit of pictures and animation, which means that you can transmit a universal message in a consistent way. Unlike text or audio, video paints a clear picture, making it easier for content marketers to form people’s opinions and leave a lasting impression.

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Videopath on Tour

Hey All!

Videopath will be all over the place this month.

Tomorrow SXSWinteractive begins and Austin is once again transformed into a tech media wonderland. So many events, and so little time. Our own Anna Rose will be pounding the pavement, meeting with customers and eating as much BBQ as her heart desires. She will also be presenting Videopath at the German Pavilion at 13:00 on Monday March 16th. Come check us out in the convention centre!

Source: grungecake.com


You can also catch her at the German Haus on Saturday and later that night @ the Lunar Kaleidoscope party!

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Videopath Interviews: Your first online video

We saved the best for last. We end our Videopath Interview series with a look back to the past.

We asked our colleagues from Batch#2 at the Microsoft Accelerator what the first online video was that they remember watching.

Have fun and stay tuned for more Videopath interactive videos!

Videopath’s Picks: ASOS goes interactive

This week’s Videopath Pick is from ASOS, an online fashion store in the UK. Directed by Pensacola Studio, the video has all the trappings of a classic fashion shoot: sweet amps, a synth, strutting models.

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Videopath Interviews: Episode Two

We return with the second episode of our interview series. This episode is about learning through video.

We asked our colleagues from Batch#2 at the Microsoft Accelerator what they had recently learned from a video. Enjoy!

Digital’s Game Day Dominance

Source: blog.ticiq.com

Super Bowl Sunday: the two best football teams and often the most watched US television event of the year.

It’s also one of the only times of the year when people talk as much about the commercials as the event itself.

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Introducing: Videopath Interviews

We are kicking off 2015 with a new Videopath video series – Videopath Interviews!

For the first episode, we asked our colleagues from Batch#2 at the Microsoft Accelerator about their current favorite videos or web series. They come up with some pretty neat recommendations. There is more to come, so stay tuned!

2015 begins with a bang!

Reflecting on last year, I was pretty amazed at the distance we travelled. What started as a group of video nerds and a prototype, ended the year as a full blown company with a beautiful product generating significant revenue. Videopath is on a solid trajectory (thought of a silly “path” pun, but decided to hold off on the extreme dorkiness until later in the quarter…)

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Just in time: Holiday DIY, now Interactive

Here our very own Louisa creates a beautiful traditional holiday ornament. Enjoy:

Make your own tutorial and share with us! Sign-up for Videopath today.

Happy Holidays!