A walk through of the general features of Videopath

Getting Started
Videopath Overview
Best Practices


Learn all the features of Videopath and create interactive videos.

Project Library
Editor overview
Share your video
Videopath Analytics

Editing projects

Edit your video and create your interactive project

Markers and Overlays
Video Settings
Edit Theme
End Screen
Preview and publish your video

Editing overlays

Importing Videos

Bring your existing video content into Videopath

➞ Importing from YouTube
➞ Importing from Vimeo
➞ Importing from Wistia
➞ Importing from Brightcove

Embedding your projects

Learn about using your Videopath project on your own website or blog

➞ Embedding your Videopath video on your website
➞ Embedding your inline video on wordpress
➞ Using oEmbed

Advanced Topics

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.