Videopath features

This is a comprehensive list of our features. Please visit the documention page or reach out to us if you have any questions about our product and its capabilities.

Video hosting

✓ Import videos from Youtube
✓ Import videos from Vimeo
✓ Import videos from Wistia
✓ Host video files on your own Servers
✓ Host video files on our Servers


✓ Add text and images
✓ Add any website, including webshops, surveys, product pages – you name it!
✓ Add social streams from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
✓ Add media content from Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Pinterest and Instagram
✓ Add call to action buttons and lead viewers to your chosen destination site


✓ Pick your own player colors
✓ Upload your own thumbnail and preview images
Talk to us about a whitelabel branded solution


✓ View counts and engagement scores within selected dates
✓ Engagement statistics for individual overlays and markers
✓ Integrate your own google analytics tracking code for deeper insights

Sharing & Embedding

✓ Share your video project on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter
✓ Embed your video on your website or blog with our iFrame or Lightbox embed codes


Please also check out our product page for an overview of our app and player or learn how to use our product on the documentation page.


The basic plan is completely free – we promise!