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Remember when the only way to find out why your printer wasn’t working was to call up the support line and wait on hold for 45 minutes? Nowadays we have much more choice, with the introduction of email, live chat, social media, and self-service support.

In this post, I’ll show you why interactive video should be a core part of your self-service support offering, and give you some suggestions for how Videopath can help you achieve your self-service goals.

Why is self-service so important?

Self-service support cuts down on time and effort required by customers getting in contact with the company’s support team to solve a problem.

According to a study by CEB, 57% of customers check a company’s website for help before they contact support, so it’s clear that most customers are already getting used to the concept of self-serving.

For companies, self-service reduces the burden on the support team to answer calls, emails and live chats.

A recent study by Kayako found that 73% of customer support professionals struggle to manage time and workload, so self-service goes a long way to reduce burnout in support teams.

Self-service content comes in various forms, from online manuals and knowledge bases to instructional videos, forums and FAQs. Interactive videos can combine all of these types of documentation into one easily digestible format.

Video is an underrated tool of self-service support

Video is a self-service medium that is rapidly gaining popularity. It initially came into use as a supplement to written or visual online guides, but has since begun to take over as a primary self-service support medium.

This is because the way that people consume information is changing.

The growth of online video in recent years has been staggering. The amount of time spent watching video online has risen by almost 40% in the last five years alone, with tens of billions of online video views each year.

Consumers are beginning to expect video in self-service support. It’s a medium they’re familiar with, and often find it easier to understand, quicker to consume, and more engaging.

It’s an incredibly flexible medium, and in a self-service capacity can be used to help in several stages of the support funnel, from on boarding to training to troubleshooting.

Taking video to the next level with interactive video

The potential of video support now extends even further, with the introduction of interactive video from Videopath.

Interactive video can be used to combine documentation, supporting materials, calls to action and contact information into the video, so that viewers can get a complete experience within the video itself.

It works especially well in a self-service support capacity as a single video can act as a complete self-service portal for the particular topic or product.

By adding supporting documentation, downloadable guides, and contact information within an instructional video, users can easily access any additional relevant information to help them solve their query.

As well as being richer than standalone video, interactive video more engaging to watch and is appealing to people of all three learning types – auditory, visual and kinaesthetic – as it combines sound, images, and action.

This leads to greater engagement rates with interactive video than ordinary video, or written and visual documentation such as manuals and screenshots.

Interactive videos offer customers a complete self-service package, with an enjoyable user experience that is unique to each video.

Why should you add interactive video to your self-service offering?

Investing in self-service support has clear benefits to both customers and companies, and interactive video is a great medium for self-service support.

Interactive video offers the benefits of rich media and creates a truly engaging support experience, that adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

By providing the best self-service offerings, companies can help customers help themselves, reduce customer effort, increase loyalty, and take the pressure off support teams at the same time.

Really, the question should be why shouldn’t you add it to your self-service offering?


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