Marketing Master Class: Lisa Kennelly

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Each month, we will be publishing an article as part of our Digital Marketing Master Class. In this series, we speak with experts in a range of disciplines: content marketing, sales, e-learning as well as media, and to learn about how they use video in their content marketing strategy and the future they see for the medium.

In the second round, we sat down with Lisa Kennelly, Director of Marketing at Clue. Clue is a beautiful and intelligent health app that helps women monitor their cycles and get data based on their personalized analytics.

Lisa and her team have been great at capitalising on the potential of influencer marketers for their brand. Unlike traditional B2C products, Clue is an app dealing with female reproductive health. The usual mass marketing stratgies won’t work to reach their audience. Instead, they rely on their strong community and the platform that influencer marketers can offer them. In this masterclass, she shares some of her insights with us.


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What does content marketing mean at Clue?
How does content fit into your overall marketing strategy?

In order to be successful, our marketing strategy needs to map to our overall company strategy and goals.  So the first thing that we need to think about is: What are the goals of the company?

For example, one of the goals of the company is to become the number one period tracker in the world. Therefore we – the marketing team – must support this goal with our activities. One of the ways to reach this is to grow as fast as possible and expand into as many countries as possible in a short time. What does that mean in terms of targets? Say it’s x million number of downloads in x number of markets in x number of months. This will be the basis of our overall marketing goals. 

The next step we take is to determine exactly how content can support our work towards this goal. Content has great potential as it allows up to share our story out there to more people. This is also how they can learn about the product and it’s effectiveness. 

But content can do more than this.We are learning that content is an incredibly effective tool for making people aware of us. Our aim is to become a household name and we want to use content to start a dialogue about female health. We want our potential customers to think “I saw a video where they mention this company doing something that is relevant to my life” and start a conversation about this with the peers they trust.

It’s really thinking about content in terms of both acquisition and brand awareness.

How does content marketing for a women’s health app differ from other types of products or services?

So you can’t think about marketing as a One Size Fits All. You can’t use the same strategy every time for every kind of app.

Because we have a women’s health app, marketing for this is very different than marketing for a retail app or a social app. In particular, a lot of the ways that you normally grow an app community is by social sharing and networking. With a female health app like Clue, it’s a bit more challenging to do that because it is such a private topic and some of these subjects are very taboo- it’s not the sort of thing you want to tell five people or fifty people or 500 people about. Like “Hey I’m getting my period today.” You have to think about it more in terms of “OK, who are the people that I would want to share this with.”

So we always keep in mind: what is the value to the user. 

At the end of the day, any marketing decision we make -and this actually is true, if you’re marketing for a female health app or any kind of app –  must start with the question  “Does it bring value back to the user?”. 

What is the role of video in your overall marketing strategy?
What is influencer marketing?
What has been your greatest marketing success so far and how do you measure success?

For us, the greatest marketing success is when we hear from users “Wow, this app really changed my life,” or “This app taught me something I didn’t know”. Once someone even said, “This app saved my life,” because it helped them determine a medical condition that was life threatening. 

This is incredibly rewarding feedback because it shows that we’re reaching the right people –  the people who really need the product. It’s improving their lives which speaks to the goal and the mission of Clue – to improve female health around the world and to bring reproductive education to everyone. 

So when I hear back from users saying that it did, then I know I’ve done my job.

What channels do you think will be key for successful marketing campaigns in the future?

Clue’s approach on getting to the right customer is by engaging with their audience on a personal and emotional level. To do this, Clue integrates influencers, professional research papers and videos into their marketing strategy to build up a more personalized relationship to their audience and potential customers.

Clue is diving into the endless possibilities of video and uses video in many successful ways. If you’d like to check out our helpful tool and add web to your videos, try it out today!

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