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Each month, we will be publishing an article as part of our Digital Marketing Master Class. In this series, we speak with experts in a range of disciplines: content marketing, sales, e-learning as well as media, and to learn about how they use video in their content marketing strategy and the future they see for the medium.

We sat down with Sam Richardson, a consultant, founder of social and experience agency neon which he sold and merged into BMB agency, and the former Head of Events and Marketing Director at MTV.

Sam guides and helps creative companies incubate and execute their unique ideas by creating high quality business and marketing plans and is about to launch his own start-up. But he also has a passion for event marketing- creating a unique live experience for customers and businesses at events.

In this masterclass, Sam shares some of insights about the challenges of event marketing, the importance of knowing your audience and how self-capturing at events may redefine the event experience.

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What is event marketing for you ?

Lots of different brands and organizations use event marketing for their own purpose and there’s lots of different executions of what that can mean. But essentially, it’s creating a live environment where a brand or an organization can talk to their consumers directly.

But there’s no one right answer. There’s a whole range of different things someone can do in event marketing; the one principle is the opportunity to speak one-on-one with your customer- so it’s a very deep and rich experience as opposed to advertising, for example, which is made up and contrived.

How can companies use events to market a brand ?
How can a small company use events ?

The first thing I would suggest a small business do would be to look at the effectiveness of what that budget being spent on the event might be versus something else. Before you spend that money you should work out what the benefit of that event would be.

For example, if you wanted to reach twenty of your most valuable customers, and that might be people in charge of making decisions, then the event will probably be a very valuable thing to spend your money on because you’ve got a one-on-one relationship that you wouldn’t normally have. But equally, if you want to reach a lot of people, events are very expensive compared to social media and the spreading of content.

So it really does depend on what you’re trying to achieve from that piece of marketing or event or whatever it is that you’re creating.

What are the steps for planning an event ?
How videos can be used at an event ?

I always say that every single event has a “before, during and an after”. And the way that you’d use video in each of those scenarios are very different.

So, imagine you’re sitting at home and you are on Facebook, for example, and you see a video showing something that you find very compelling, which might encourage you to attend or get involved. So I think video is a very compelling and very rich kind of media because you can see a million things in just ten seconds, which is far more than reading a huge article or seeing an advert. It has a lot of personality and character.

At the event, video is hugely compelling again, because you’re in a live environment and people’s eyes are always drawn to moving image. So it’s a really compelling way of getting across messages when you’re at an event.

Of course, afterwards, we’ve already talked about the opportunities that social media brings but by filming and capturing content, you can then feed that content out post-event and the value keeps going because it’s still being seeded all around the world with people naturally sharing things.

So, before, during and after video is without a doubt probably the richest and most compelling- and also the most creative because you can see so many things with your own eyes in front of you.

Do you see any trends in video for event marketing ?

Sam shared some valuable insights of how to create a great experience at an event, but also points out the importance of creating content before, during and after events to maximize your reach and address a much bigger audience. In order to do so, you have to analyze your audience and create compelling promotion strategy in order to attract the right people to your events.

Furthermore, new trends are also emerging at events. Live broadcasting such as Periscope or Meerkat, could redefine how we attend events in the future as well as how companies could use this type of content creation and distribution in order to reach a mass audience. If you like to get in touch with Sam, follow him on Twitter! Or get in contact via LinkedIN.

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