Marketing Masterclass: Sam Richardson

Videopath - Interactive Video - Marketing Masterclass Sam Richardson

Each month, we will be publishing an article as part of our Digital Marketing Master Class. In this series, we speak with experts in a range of disciplines: content marketing, sales, e-learning as well as media, and to learn about how they use video in their content marketing strategy and the future they see for the medium.

We sat down with Sam Richardson, a consultant, founder of social and experience agency neon which he sold and merged into BMB agency, and the former Head of Events and Marketing Director at MTV.

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The Night is Long and Full of Startups

Keep Calm and Startup

Get ready this Saturday for the Startup Night!

The Lange Nacht der Startups (LNdS) or the “Long Night of Startups” is what it sounds like: a soirée of up-and-coming companies from Berlin and around the world. More than 100 startups will partake in this year’s gathering, and a quick glance at the participants shows the breadth and variety of the fields of interest showcased here.

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