How to Create An Interactive Travel Video with Videopath!

The travel and tourism industry has changed considerably over the past decade. With great tools and services like Hipmunk and airbnb, discovering the best of a new city is easier than ever.

But the question is, how is your business taking advantage of the changing industry to win more customers? The days of “build it and they will come” are long gone.

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Marketing Master Class: Kalie Moore


Each month, we will be publishing an article as part of our Digital Marketing Master Class. In this series, we speak with experts in a range of disciplines: content marketing, sales, e-learning as well as media, and to learn about how they use video in their content marketing strategy and the future they see for the medium.

For this 3rd post in the Masterclass series, we sat down with Kalie Moore, the creator of Berlin Startup Girl, a data-driven blog about the Berlin startup ecosystem. Berlin Startup Girl has been featured in various international media outlets including Forbes, The Sunday Times, France24 television, and TechCrunch.

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Videopath’s Picks: ASOS goes interactive

This week’s Videopath Pick is from ASOS, an online fashion store in the UK. Directed by Pensacola Studio, the video has all the trappings of a classic fashion shoot: sweet amps, a synth, strutting models.

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