The Big List of Web Video Marketing Trends of Tomorrow

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Before you dismiss video and video marketing as being “soooo 2015”, check out these key stats:

52% marketers worldwide believe videos to be the content with best ROI. (Source:

93% marketers use video for online marketing. (Source:

Online video traffic will be 55% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016 (Source: Cisco)

Truth is video has become a staple in the arsenal of modern marketers and is set to grow in the coming years. But while online video sites are already popular among established brands, it’s becoming increasingly important for small and medium sized businesses to embrace this trend to stay ahead of the game. Here, we present to you the Big List of Web Video Marketing Trends of Tomorrow to help you deliver the maximum value of your videos in 2016.

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Why make a video?

The Internet is alive with video.

Adobe’s recent and massive U.S. Digital Video Benchmark report, released earlier this year, reports that global “online video starts” are up 43% from this same time last year. That’s a whopping 35 billion global video views, from January to the end of March this year alone. And mobile video is growing, too –video views on mobile show a year-to-year increase of 57% (from 2013-2014).

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