Videopath at #FASHIONTECH 2016

Videopath - Interactive Video Fashiontech 2016

This year’s #FASHIONTECH, curated by  Premium Exhibitions was a huge success with over 3000 attendees.

We created a little video for you- presenting the highlights, great ideas and companies, who presented their innovative ideas technologies for the future of clothing and e-commerce. Have a look!

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Marketing Masterclass: Franz Riedl

Videopath - Interactive Video Master Class Franz Riedl Styla

Each month, we will be publishing an article as part of our Digital Marketing Master Class. In this series, we speak with experts in a range of disciplines: content marketing, sales, e-learning as well as media, and to learn about how they use video in their content marketing strategy and the future they see for the medium.

In this edition, we sat down with Franz Riedl, Founder and COO of Styla, a content marketing solution for e-commerce. Styla aims to give online shops and brands a platform where they can present their products in shoppable magazines and build compelling stories around them.

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