The Big List of Web Video Marketing Trends of Tomorrow

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Before you dismiss video and video marketing as being “soooo 2015”, check out these key stats:

52% marketers worldwide believe videos to be the content with best ROI. (Source:

93% marketers use video for online marketing. (Source:

Online video traffic will be 55% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016 (Source: Cisco)

Truth is video has become a staple in the arsenal of modern marketers and is set to grow in the coming years. But while online video sites are already popular among established brands, it’s becoming increasingly important for small and medium sized businesses to embrace this trend to stay ahead of the game. Here, we present to you the Big List of Web Video Marketing Trends of Tomorrow to help you deliver the maximum value of your videos in 2016.

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Interactive Videos Will Rule – Traditional video marketing was too simplistic and did nothing but turn audiences into mute spectators. But thanks to the rise of interactive videos, visitors are now able to click and engage with the content contained within the video. Here’s an example of video from Videopath that makes it easy to understand why interactive videos are so sought after. reveals that with the rise in interactive videos, viewers can now engage themselves better with the content. They can now download coupons, get required info and even play games by just clicking some links provided within videos. This eliminates the hassles of visiting many different sites. We’re likely to see interactive videos stealing show in 2016

360° Video Will Grow – With an ever-increasing number of consumers looking for options to explore products in more innovative and exciting ways, this trend doesn’t seem to be fading out any time soon. 360° video is changing the game. Facebook is even jumping into the ring with their recent 360° video announcement. How exactly brands can capitalise on this is yet to be seen, but we have a seen a few throw their hats into the ring – like this Redbull example. We expect that this format to become the norm rather than exception in 2016.

Video Analytics Will Become More Important – As online video marketing emerges as a top advertising channel, video analytics are becoming all the more important. Smart video marketers always lookout for information on how their campaign is fairing. With plenty of resources available, (think Wistia‘s great individual viewer analytics) it has become easier than ever to analyse your performance against your key metrics. Still many marketers have been slow in incorporating sophisticated video analytics and tracking systems into their systems. We believe that in 2016, video analytics will take center-stage.


More Video on Mobile – A study by invodo reveals that online video account for 50% of all mobile traffic. Given this figure, it’s easy to understand that mobile is set to outpace desktop for watching online videos. We expect that this trend will continue to grow stronger in 2016. The number of mobile audiences is growing each day and 2016 will certainly prove to be a great time to put fantastic mobile-centric videos in front of your audiences.

New Ways in Which Companies Use Video – Marketing Tech Blog found out that you can increase your leads coming from your landing page by 130% if you include videos. Many companies and start-ups have followed suit and have invested in explanatory informational landing page videos. And we see this trend increasing. However, we are also seeing videos being used more often for support videos or even HR. Companies are creating more content than ever and finding ways of capitalising on the power of the medium in new ways.

It is clear the video is set to come into its own this year! If you haven’t yet, it is definitely time to get onboard!

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If you’d like to check out our helpful tool and add web to your videos, try out Videopath today!

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