Importing videos from Vimeo

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If you are completely new to Videopath, it might be best to start with our Getting Started tutorial.

This is an overview of how to import videos from Vimeo into the Videopath tool.

Videopath supports Vimeo imports from Vimeo Plus, Pro, and business accounts.

Watch the video:

Step 1: Open your Vimeo settings

If you need to upload your video to Vimeo: Once your video has finished uploading, you’ll be brought to a page containing your video settings. If you’ve already uploaded your video to Vimeo, you can find your settings under your video project in the “Settings” tab.

Settings Tab

Step 2: Setting your Videopath thumbnail

On the “Basic” tab of your settings, you’ll see general information about your video. Your title and description are not imported from Vimeo to Videopath, so you can set these later in the Videopath builder. Your video thumbnail is imported to Videopath, so select your preferred thumbnail for your Videopath project on this page.

Step 3: Setting your Vimeo privacy settings

On the “Privacy” tab, you’ll find your video’s privacy settings.

  • Set to public so that you can import your video into Videopath.
  • Within “Who Can Watch This Video,” select “anyone.”
  • Within “Where Can This Video Be Embedded?,” select “only on sites I choose” and enter “” in the field provided.

vimeo privacy settings

If you’d like to keep your video private on Vimeo, you can always switch this setting back to private right after importing your video to Videopath. 

Step 4: Setting your Vimeo Player Preferences

Select the “Embed” tab. You’ll need to disable Vimeo’s default “chrome,” so that Vimeo’s player controls (like play button, timeline, etc.) will not be visible on your Videopath project.

  • Within “Player Preferences,” change the preferences for portrait, title, and byline from “Let User Decide” to “Always Hide.”
  • In the checkboxes below, unselect all controls.
  • In the “Outro” section, select “Nothing” from the dropdown. This ensures that no Vimeo screen will appear after your Videopath project.

Step 5: Importing your project into Videopath

Your project is now ready to be imported into Videopath tool. Return to your video’s page on Vimeo and copy the URL from the website field.

copy url vimeo

Back in the Videopath builder, click the “Create New Project” button in your library. Paste your Vimeo URL into the field and import.

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