Importing videos from Wistia

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If you are completely new to Videopath, it might be best to start with our Getting Started tutorial.

This is an overview of how to import videos from Wistia into the Videopath tool.

Firstly, you will need to check a few settings on your Wistia project to ensure your video’s smooth import from Wistia into the Videopath tool.

Step 1: Setting your Wistia Settings

In the Wistia tool, select the video project you would like to import into the Videopath tool.

On your “Video Actions” project menu, select customize.


You’ll need to change a few settings in the “Customize” menu that opens on the left.

  • Within “Appearance,”  your Wistia thumbnail will serve as your default thumbnail in the Videopath tool. You will be able to upload a custom thumbnail once in Videopath as well.
  • Within “Control,” all settings (such as play and volume control) will automatically be stripped from the project when you import into the Videopath tool, so there’s no need to change any of these settings.
  • Within “Social Bar,” “Call to Action,” and “Turnstile” turn the option to “Off” and save your project changes.

Step 2: Importing your video into the Videopath tool

To import your video into the Videopath tool, copy the URL from your Wistia video.


In your Videopath library, click “Create New Project” and select the Wistia tab. Paste your Wistia URL and import the video. You’re ready to add interactivity!

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