Importing videos from YouTube

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If you are completely new to Videopath, it might be best to start with our Getting Started tutorial.

This is an overview of how to import your video from YouTube into the Videopath builder tool. 

 Watch the video:

Step 1: Open your YouTube video settings

If you first need to upload your video: Once you upload your video and it has finished processing, you’ll proceed to a screen with video settings. If you’ve already uploaded your video to YouTube, you’ll find your video settings screen right below your video timeline, under “Info and Settings.”

info and settings

 Step 2: Setting your YouTube settings

Under the “Basic Info” tab, you’ll find your video’s privacy settings. Your video must be set to public before you can import it into Videopath. (This should be YouTube’s default.)

Youtube Processing done

This is also where you should select your video’s thumbnail. The thumbnail that you select here will also be your default thumbnail on your Videopath project. You can also upload a custom thumbnail to replace your Youtube thumbnail once in the Videopath builder.

Step 3: Importing your YouTube video into Videopath builder

Your project is now ready to be imported into Videopath tool.  Return to your video page on YouTube and copy the URL from the website field.

copy URL youtube

Back in the Videopath builder, click the “Create New Project” button in your library. Paste your YouTube URL into the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Videopath builder isn’t accepting my YouTube URL. 

  • Check to make sure that you’re copying your YouTube URL, which should start with “” or “” Don’t copy the embed code, which begins with: <iframe width…”
  • Check to make sure your video’s settings are set to “public.” (See above: Setting your Videopath privacy settings).
  • Make sure that you’re copying the URL for your individual video, rather than the URL for a YouTube playlist. The URL for a YouTube playlist launches the entire playlist, so this URL won’t work when importing into the Videopath tool.

I tried to import my Youtube URL into the Videopath tool and I got the message: “Video Can’t Be Found.” 

  • When you upload your video to Youtube, it can take up to an hour for the video to be “visible” to the Videopath app.
  • If you uploaded your video to Youtube less than hour before you tried to import the video into the Videopath builder, wait until an hour has elapsed from your upload time and try to import the URL once again.

Please feel free to email with any problems importing YouTube videos into the Videopath tool.

This page is part of the Videopath documentation. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.