Project Library

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If you are completely new to Videopath, it might be best to start with our Getting Started tutorial.

The Project Library is your dashboard with an overview of all your published and drafted projects.

To get to the Library, please log in from our web site. You will then be redirected to the Videopath App and you can find the Library with all your drafted and published projects.  Hover over your projects and you can choose between the following actions.

1. Edit

Edit  or add web content to your video as well as change various settings for your video and project. Learn more

2. View

Watch your video and get a sense of how your interactive project will look and feel like.

3. Share

Share your video on social channels or use the provided embed code and link to implement it on your web site. Learn more

4. Analytics

Analyse the performance of your video and see how your viewers interact with it. For a more detailed look into our analytics check out this additional tutorial.

VP Library

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