Videopath Analytics

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If you are completely new to Videopath, it might be best to start with our Getting Started tutorial.

Analyse the performance of your video and see how your viewers interact with it. Videopath offers insights to various metrics which you can use to modify your content and performance. You can find the Analytics in the Project Library by hovering your mouse over your project.

Set your preferred time range and discover the following indicators and metrics.


  • Total views defines the number of times your video has been viewed
  • Avg. View Duration defines the average time viewers have spent watching your video
  • Completion Rate defines the percentage of your viewers who finished watching your video until the end



See how users engage and interact with your video. Analyze the performance of your markers and see how your viewers interact with your content. You also get an overview of how many viewers clicked on your markers and which markers were the most popular.

  • Total Markers shows you how many markers you have added to this project
  • Total clicks defines the total marker clicks on your videos
  • % of Viewers Clicking defines the percentage of viewers who click at least on one marker during the video
  • Avg. Clicks/Viewer defines the average number of markers a viewer clicked in your video






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