Videopath’s Picks: A Hunter ____ a Bear

Don't Shoot the Bear!

Here at Videopath, we love interactive video. And we say that without a hint of exaggeration. Interactive videos are the convergence of art, commerce and the cutting-edge tech, which reflects the makeup of our team and what we aspire to create.

But this love didn’t come from nowhere. Over the years, we’ve come across many interactive video projects that awed us and made us fans. In the Videopath’s Picks series, we showcase the works, past and present, that push the boundary of video interactivity.

Our first pick: A Hunter ____ a Bear — The Tipp-Experience Campaign

This ground-breaking work begins innocently enough: a hunter finds his camp besieged by a bear. And just as he trains his rifle onto the beast, you are prompted to choose his action. Whether you choose to shoot or not, the hunter promptly breaks the fourth wall and literally reaches out of the video and invite you to rewrite the story.

This campaign is sadly no longer available, but there are a number of videos online that shows how it would have looked like, such as this one above.

The range of possibilities showcased here was simply mind-blowing, and to have such a campaign running right on YouTube was nothing short of a scoop. Buzzman, the Parisian agency responsible, rightly deserves the 2011 Cannes Bronze Lion for this ingenious work.

But don’t shoot the bear!