Videopath’s Picks: ELEKS Google Glass Experiment

Every year, the Videopath crew is looking forward to the annual Webby Awards with the excitement that could only be compared to cinephiles waiting for the Oscar’s or science junkies waiting for the Nobel Prize ceremony. With the winners of the 19th Webby Awards announced this month, we are looking back to a 2014 nominee.

In a parallel universe, where the 24 hour version of Pharrell Williams’ viral music video “Happy” didn’t exist, ELEKS Google Glass Experiment would have won in the category “Best Use of Interactive Video”. It didn’t, but it is in fact awesome.

The experiment project produced by ELEKS, a creative software development company in cooperation with the video agency VGNC (both from Ukraine), combines the hottest new trends: wearable technology and interactivity.

ELEKS_picture 1

ELEKS created a sports tracking app for Google Glass (RIP) with innovative features, introducing a cross-platform concept for wearables, combining smartphones, web platforms and social networks. According to their initial plans, the experiment video would only have been a promotion for the application, but the demo video went viral and the company is still happy to use it as an image film.

Their goal was to demonstrate urban sports enthusiasts the effect technology can have on their daily sport routines. Instead of sticking to the old-fashioned approach, the demo video is focusing on extreme sports and extraordinary athletes who seem to have a death wish. No wonder, the video’s concept was admittedly inspired by comic superheroes, incorporating the stories of a cyclist, a freerunner and paintball players.

Although the storyline might seem somewhat unbelievable with current technologies, the video helps us visualize how the future of wearable technology might actually look like. The first-person view video involves the audience into the fast-speed actions right away.

ELEKS_picture 2

Talking about sports achievements, it’s all about the numbers (speed, rank etc.), which appear on your screen immediately, just like it would have appeared on Google Glass.

ELEKS succeeded in taking digital reality to the next level by using the hottest new trend in digital advertizing, interactive video. Introducing the voice recognition feature to their project, you are able to operate the video using your voice and be an active participant of the game.  Are you ready for simulating the real experience? You only need a microphone. With the help of the Web Speech API you can communicate via natural language voice commands.