Vodka & Videos: 2nd Edition Wrap Up


For the 70 plus attendees who braved the rainy Berlin night to make it down to the 2nd edition of Vodka & Videos – thank you for making our party one to remember. We were so happy to celebrate our two year anniversary with you.

Much Vodka was drank, hours of videos watched and epic group karaoke was sung. Check out the interactive video below for a look at how it went down! 

Here are some stats from this edition of Vodka & Videos:

  • 70+ people
  • 20 people singing off key at the end of the night (karaoke)
  • 12 L of vodka consumed
  • 9 video screens (3 projectors, 3 monitors and 3 laptops)
  • 7+ hours of party partied
  • 1 very obvious party crasher (many more less obvious party crashers)
  • 0 hearts broken

Favourite Videos of the night:

We had a great time and hope you did too!


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