Why make a video?

The Internet is alive with video.

Adobe’s recent and massive U.S. Digital Video Benchmark report, released earlier this year, reports that global “online video starts” are up 43% from this same time last year. That’s a whopping 35 billion global video views, from January to the end of March this year alone. And mobile video is growing, too –video views on mobile show a year-to-year increase of 57% (from 2013-2014).

Online video is expanding lightning quick, but it’s not just that — it’s also an extremely effective mode of communication. Susan Weinschank, a behavioral psychologist Ph.D. who consults big brands like Amazon and Disney, has found that humans are drawn to the emotions, facial expressions, and movement present in videos.

All this is great news for the future of online video.

As a UX person here at Videopath, the most exciting statistic for me is that all sorts of people are making videos. People with and without experience, professionally and personally. The percentage of American adult internet users who post or upload videos has more than doubled in the past four years, from 14% in 2009 to 31% in 2013. 40% of American cell phone owners have used their phones to record video. And many of those who have recorded video— be it on their phones or with a full Pro set-up —are sharing their videos.

Video makers. They’re among us.

Video makers skew young (41% of them are in the 18-29 age range), but there is also hefty representation in both the 30-49 and 50+ age range. Online video makers are not just making one kind of video. They’re creating educational and tutorial videos (30% of video uploaders), scripting and planning ahead (23% of video uploaders), and making lots and lots of videos of themselves and their family.

From a usability perspective, creating video tools, video making tutorials, and technology that everyone can use —is more important than ever. And from a video making perspective, the online video community is wider and more diverse than ever.